Affiliate program

Get 25% from each sale you make for an entire year.


You refer a customer that signs up for our $80 per month plan.
If everything goes right, you get 12 payments of $80 * 25% making $240 in total over the course of the first year.


  1. You're eligible for affiliate payments from all paying customers that register using your affiliate URL.
  2. You're eligible for 25% of the net revenue you bring to, meaning the revenue minus any processing and platform fees.
  3. These fees can vary from user to user.
  4. You're eligible for an affiliate payout after the end of a referred user's billing period.
  5. You're eligible for a payout only if your affiliate payment balance in your account exceeds $100.
  6. You're eligible for affiliate payments only for the first year since the referred user signed up.
  7. You get paid gradually over the first year from the moment the referred user signed up.
  8. If multiple people refer a user, only the last one is eligible for an affiliate payment.
  9. Affiliate payments are paid out to a specified PayPal account only.
  10. You should not spam or engage in any evil activity that might hurt reputation.
  11. We reserve the right not to pay out affiliate funds if you breach these terms.
  12. We reserve the right to change these terms without prior notice.